Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga … Here’s how it works: You sit on a soft, fabric hammock that looks kind of like a long scarf. These hammocks are made out of special, high-density nylon material that can support over 2,000 pounds, so don’t worry – you’re not going to tear them.

The hammocks are held up by carabineers, support chains and webbing straps. You can adjust the height according to personal preference, or for better maneuverability. (Note: You’ll also want to bring your normal yoga mat to an aerial yoga class so you have something to stand on.)

Throughout the yoga class, you do various traditional yoga poses or aerial adaptations of traditional poses using the hammock for support.

Some of the most basic poses involve simple stretches while seated on the hammock, while other poses progress to hanging upside down and grabbing your thighs, ankles or feet for support and balance.

Special Instructions

• Be on time – do not miss the safety talk before the class begins.

• Listen to ALL instructions for each pose before attempting.

• No loose clothing

• No jewelry

• Long pants are better than shorts

• You will be slightly uncomfortable with the fabric pressing into you … you will get used to it and the fun will overtake the discomfort.