In our four week introductory course students will learn basic exercises fundamental to all styles of martial arts we teach at the center. The basics include the movements of shoulder, arm, waist, leg and hand as well as footwork, jumps, leaps and balancing. Stances, stepping, power generation, sensitivity, conditioning, sticking and trapping, forms, two-man forms, analysis of form applications, sparring, and traditional weapons are all part of the curriculum. Students must become proficient with them before progressing on to higher levels, because they constitute the essence of kung fu and provide the foundations for more advanced training, such as: San Shou (free fighting), Weapons, Tao-Lu (forms), Kao Da and Ke Shou (body conditioning), Two-Person Practice, Qin-Na (joint locking), Shuia Jiao (throwing) and more... Our 4 week introductory course is the perfect way to begin your KungFu journey. You will begin with basic exercises to open the body and relax all of the joints to facilitate internal power development. These simple movements will begin to transform your body and mind. Maximum health, self-discipline, self-defense and vitality await your click KungFu Intro Course Only $79